Listen, I know usually I’m pretty politically mature most of the time. But I have to get this off my chest. Why am I pissed? Chimeras. That’s why. Now I wasn’t sure about this, because I have heard Alex Jones, Yes..Alex Jones (idc what you say, he is more accurate then 99% of media) Brought up Chimeras. Everyone kind of laughed like it was some sort of joke. isn’t.


(Nothing says uh-oh like pictures of old stone demons.)

The issue is that they have been doing this for a while now. What would this mean? Lots of problems. If something is not fully human, This means that the doctors or scientists do not consider these things human at all. So all of the laws protecting humans will be void. It gets sticky when you realize that they would be able to do whatever they wanted, whenever and it would be legal. This is a messy ground to stand on. I’m for it, but I’m not. I’m for it for cures, like stem cells, those types of things. But you KNOW there is some group of messed up scientists who just can’t process empathy and are/will have a field day with this. You know that when they say they don’t let them actually be born, some do. Scientists have an issue with looking at something living, and saying “oh. Maybe I shouldn’t do this because it is a living thing” No.



Usually they start coming forward saying things after years and years. So more than likely, they are already doing this. It would be ideal to cure every human illness, and maybe bring back the Dodo bird that would be nice. Instead, we are going to have scientist run wild. We aren’t going to hear about it either until somebody sneaks and leaks something. But remember, people are afraid of coming forward. Fact is stranger than fiction.




Article from 2005 about Chimeras 

The International Business Times reported that reproductive biologist Pablo Ross explains, “We’re not trying to make a chimera just because we want to see some kind of monstrous creature … We’re doing this for a biomedical purpose.”….Riiight. I like watching these scientists pretend like they wouldn’t sh*t their pants in joy if they were able to hold a baby Duman. (dog-human.)

NIH ethicist David Resnik said  “The specter of an intelligent mouse stuck in a laboratory somewhere screaming ‘I want to get out’ would be very troubling to people.” Yea, No sh*t.


(Uh-oh.. It’s Danta Claws.)

A stem-cell biologist at Stanford University, Hiromitsu Nakauchi (Don’t worry, I can’t pronounce his name either) started making human-sheep chimeras this year. He says “If the extent of human cells is 0.5 percent, it’s very unlikely to get thinking pigs or standing sheep, But if it’s large, like 40 percent, then we’d have to do something about that.” Oh…really? It’s PART HUMAN. These kinds of experiments I feel would do best if it was 100% public. I’m talking 24/7 web cam. Give the feed to Peta. That will blow over like a fart in church.

Here’s the problem, I want to know the secrets. I have a problem, and the only solution is more secrets. Do you know what I’m saying? I JUST WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING. And nothing bothers me more then the government, who uses my money, hiding things from me. Don’t even get me STARTED on aliens. Dont..even.

You know…I bet these scientists would feel differently if they were forced to work with their own human cells. Bridge that gap. Make every chimera their baby, see how they feel about that.

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Remember the DoDo. RIP.