The big topic. A lot of people are confused and asking a lot of questions. Like, “wtf?”. I’m going to break it down the best I can as to why people are mad about it, and why people love it. Lets start with the reason why some people like Rand Paul are pissed off about it.

1.) It was rushed. There was and is still no conclusive evidence that it was Assad. There was no thorough investigation.

2.) The OPCW claimed that Assad’s chemicals were taken away in 2013.

3.) The Syrian rebels (Al-Qaeda) have had chemical weapons. Even the UN reported this.

4.) There have been false flags before. List of False Flag Operations

5.) The “White Helmets” are not trust worthy.

6.) Assad had absolutely NO MOTIVE, at all. Why would he do this right after the US said we weren’t going for a regime change? Why would he do the one thing that would make him an enemy of the US?

7.) Anytime Hillary and Schumer like something? it is probably bad. Hillary is bad.  Schumer is bad

8.) We don’t need another enemy like Russia.

Now lets talk about the good things about this attack.

1.) It scares the sh*t out of China.

2.) It scares the sh*t out of North Korea

3.) It scares the sh*t out of countries who think we are sissies.

4.) It got him some good attention from the liberal media (which is bad, but probably makes him feel good)

5.) It proved to everyone (at least people who are logical) that President Trump is NOT working for the Russians.


There are some negatives and some positives. Lets just hope that Trump is keeping control of the White House.


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