Twitter is having a little issue. Their bias is literally getting in the way of their own business. They are censoring accounts, instead of just tweets. This is a tactic, they are trying to cut our communications. What is concerning is why have we not gathered together and prepared for this? What happens is Twitter goes balls-to-the-wall nuts and cracks down like China? Where are the genius hackers? People need to start planning here because things could get really China-like real quick. Facebook is now banning articles from   articles that prove their credibility! How is an interview with senator Rand Paul “fake news”? That isn’t all they are banning. Anyone credible who discusses the new WIKILEAKS  CIA documents, also is “fake news” apparently. We need to group together and figure out another means of communication. Maybe make a fund-me and create something like twitter and facebook for people like us. People who don’t want censorship and Globalism.

           Our communication with each other is the most important thing. We need to stick together. Divide and concur is their agenda, their plan. We have to figure something out quick, before they cut all communications.