How To Talk To Your Social Justice Warrior Friends



Are you having difficulties talking to your far-left friends? Welcome to the club. Everybody is.

As you probably know, Dems are having a tough time dealing with this defeat. However, We are having a tough time dealing with their tough time and lack of reasoning skills. Watching the Women’s march and being gay, watching that lesbian sing “Allah Akbar” was extremely disturbing. It shows just how dumb that generation is. Being gay, some of my time is spent arguing with other gays about my social media posts. How I just “can’t be gay” and how I “must be a man” because of the way I speak.

My personal favorite was someone calling me a “tranny-man-c*nt”. I found it refreshingly creative. Sometimes it is easy to let go and laugh at their rude comments and think “well they are just dumb”. That is the easy way out. I, Myself have personally learned the hard way, that sometimes it takes a debate to learn what the hell is going on. So Here are some simple ways to help guide your lefty friends in the right direction. Pun intended.

1.) When they say words like “he is a bigot” or “racist”, instead of making a blunt statement back, simply ask them to show you the facts and sources to back up their claim. They will try to distract you quickly, knowing that they may not have evidence. In that case, Simply repeat yourself.

2.) When they call you stupid, or a post you posted stupid, ask them “Do you find the subject stupid, or are you saying you don’t believe facts” They get confused when it comes to differentiating between facts and their personal opinions. (Make sure your sources are credible).

3.) They don’t like statistics. Mainly because they don’t work in their favor. They like to say words like “not all of them”. Use numbers to combat this, as it forces them to separate their feelings and real life.

3.) They like to say phrases like “your painting with too broad a brush” You should immediatly let them know that you enjoy your brush, and that they should buy one.

4.) Warning: they will throw hippie words and phrases at you like “They are victims” and “have some empathy”. This is to distract you from truth. You can turn this around and say they have too much empathy, or go my route and simple say “No.”

5.) Once they start virtue signaling, flaunting their acceptance of everything, Let them know that their acceptance isn’t reciprocal. ” You like them-they don’t like you.”

6.) when they make fun of Trumps “orange skin” simply let them know they are being d*cks, and remind them that we don’t judge on skin color.

6.) Ask them why they hate lower taxes, And more affordable healthcare.

7.) When they say that millions are going to lose their free care, remind them of the millions of middle class that couldn’t afford their own healthcare. Middle class lost healthcare, while the lower class gained it. Does that sound fair? Never mind, don’t ask them about fairness. Best not to get them into the slavery talk. But if they jump to that, continue to step 8.

8.) Remind them who started the slave trade, and continue it today. (Muslims)

9.) If you are dealing with a gay, remind them that Trump likes gay people, and that he has openly stated that gay marriage is here to stay. Also remind them who doesn’t like gays…

Remember to stay calm. They will scream like toddlers getting their toys taken away, because that is what they are. They are immature, and their toys and “fun” is virtue signaling. Once you point to them that their virtue signaling is making them look dumb, hopefully they will accept this, and move on.