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Merkel says “Terrorism is the biggest test for Germany”
Merkel and I are on a nickname basis now. Merkel is running again, but isn’t admitting to making a big mistake. She comments on how people are questioning the EU. Nobody even knows who the EU is. People say they love the EU and they don’t even know who it is, or what it does, while making fun of us for electing Donald Trump. They think the EU is “safe”.
People say there are no “no-go zones” because they aren’t allowed to speak about them even if they live in one, so nobody hears about it or is allowed to report on it, Because of “hate-speech” laws.
Merkel has a problem with “populism” and says she is all about the people, yet admits to “testing” the people.
North Korea Kim Jong-Un says North Korea is in the last stages of Preparation to test fire their Continental Ballistic Missile. Kim also talks about a “Preemptive Attack”
North Korea is like..really small, No offense to North Korea. I’m sure they are powerful, But they shouldn’t be playing around. Nobody is attacking you Kim-Relax. I suggest finger painting to cure boredom.
President Elect Trump likens Kim to a maniac. They said North Korea is showing its “leverage”. What leverage? But yet Kim also says he would gladly join hands with anyone who seeks better relations between North Korea and South Korea.
They have been banned at the UN Security Counsel from developing ballistic missiles.
China’s CCTV launches global superpower media network
China is taking over Hollywood, we shouldn’t let them because we aren’t communists.

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